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[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers () defeat the Portland Trail Blazers (),



[–]Heatcolourofinfinity 1060 points 8 hours ago

Checking the box score and admiring Rondos statline tonight. Then seeing Zubac at +15


[–]Lakersashishvp 90 points 8 hours ago

Amidst rumors of signing Tyson Chandler, my boy really showed up tonight. 8 rebounds and shooting (mostly putbacks).

Thats all we need from a backup C. Do we still need Chandler?



[–]LakersPennoyer_v_Neff 20 points 7 hours ago

Yes. Zubacs is a terrible defender. He may have been efficient tonight but he gets exposed in the post badly. Hes just slow.



[–][CHI] Derrick Rosethatdude0125 495 points 8 hours ago

that josh hart save, wow


[–]Timberwolvesjosiahdurie 92 points 8 hours ago

that was unbelievable


[–]yourbuddee 157 points 8 hours ago

That was the most athletic play I’ve ever seen. I was sure he was out of bounds and if not a travel. Nope. Picked his foot up to avoid going out and dribbled as he was falling.


[–]thegoodest 105 points 8 hours ago

I was so scared his ankle was gonna snap. That ankle thick



[–]LakersLABiH 490 points 8 hours ago

I swear JaVale "DPOY" McGee is keeping this fucking team alive.


[–]Lufs10 105 points 8 hours ago

You’re not wrong. Those blocks were worth 10 points each.


[–]LakersNotClayMerritt 126 points 8 hours ago

Hes our max player next year. Not KD. Not Kawhi.



[–][LAL] Kobe BryantDaHagerBomb 665 points 8 hours ago

Snatched victory from the jaws of victory


[–]Spursephemeral_speck 578 points 8 hours ago

Last 5 mins of Lakers games is when the bad trip begins


[–]LakersSweaty_LeBron 183 points 8 hour超声波流量计的类型
s ago

i dont even need to take drugs while watching the lakers


[–]Bobcatsfuck--the--celtics 125 points 8 hours ago

Javale DPOY campaign starts now



[–]LakersAggroAssault 447 points 8 hours ago

I still didn’t feel safe with a six point lead with fourteen seconds left


[–]Lakersdoinflipsandshit 138 points 8 hours ago

Lol same



[–][LAL] Nick Van Exeljaydilla211 413 points 8 hours ago

And let that be a lesson to you all. Nobody beats the Los Angeles Lakers 17 times in a row!


[–]pianomormon 324 points 8 hours ago

Lakers are undefeated when LeBron is in a Lakers Jersey and Steph Curry is in the building


[–][CLE] LeBron JamesBeogarBalken 202 points 8 hours ago

Holy shit this means they’ll sweep the warriors in the playoffs.



[–]Knicksthatdani 124 points 8 hours ago人民日报:科学认识判断经济情势的指标体系

Poor Steph, on the night he decides to see his bro play live, the Blazers lose to the Lakers for the first time in like 4 years and Seth has a 0 pt game.


[–]Trail BlazersPortlandblazer07 80 points 8 hours ago

Idk how but its his fault


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingrampuddingpupp 198 points 8 hours ago

Its over, its finally over. After 16 straight games I can now go to sleep without nightmares of Lillard hitting bombs from the Logo over an outstretched hand of a Laker defender.

Careless game by the Laker starters. Another abysmal 4th quarter by them. Young guys need to step up. McGee was Mr. Reliable again. Patrolled the paint (6 blks) and minimized the damage from Lillard, McCollum, and Nurkic. Blazers were hesitant to attack him.

Lakers were far from perfect and in honesty felt like the Blazers never punished them for mistakes. 6/34 from three. Lillard and McCollum never really got going until the 4th. They made a strong charge in the 4th, but the 20 point lead was too much. Aminu played good defense on Lebron, but its Lebron so we know how that would end.

Laker bench executed much better, hustled both ends of the floor. Complete 180 from last game. Just completely outplayed the Blazers bench. Rondo was fantastic. Felt like he was in the right place at the right time all night. No Rondo and Lonzo Lineup, which is for the best. They both want to initiate the offense and they both do it differently. Nice return to form for Josh Barkely. Hart at the four was interesting, probably wont work every night but he held his own against Collins. Zubac had some good minutes, but Chandler will probably replace him as soon as possible.






[–]NBAPhantomBear_626 135 points 9 hours ago

Turbulent 4th quarters and the Lakers. Name a more iconic duo.

Also Hart and that action movie save. That was sweet



[–]LakersPalifaith 210 points 9 hours ago

The second unit got us big leads twice and the starters let Portland almost claw all the way back.. Huge win to defuse some of that Magic/Luke tension though.


[–]Lakersmikeycamikey10 106 points 8 hours ago

Portland is a great t无纸记录仪的6种组态方式
eam don’t forget that, we haven’t been on their level in years and this year it’s gonna take gritty wins to beat some of the teams in the West.



[–]CavaliersJ_B16 47 points 8 hours ago

Those Ingram iso were so bad


[–]Lakers_CodyB 15 points 8 hours ago

He is simply not there yet. Its almost always a low efficiency mid range shot with him at the moment. Needs to cut and give and go more.


[–]LakersNot_Frank_Ocean 162 points 9 hours ago

Lebron with the -20 and Rondo with the +30...

Looks like we know who the biggest free agent signing for the Lakers since Shaq is.



[–]Lakersashishvp 107 points 9 hours ago

Javale obviously! My boy had 6 blocks



[–][POR] Brandon RoyNevermoreSEA 88 points 9 hours ago

Meyers Leonard is a terrible basketball player.


[–]LakersJayveesac 63 points 9 hours ago

Shut it down we are the NBA champions we finally ended the losing streak


[–]Lakersmarkjay6 34 points 8 hours ago

Lakers after their first three losses. I think they can still win 50+ games.


[–][CLE] LeBron JamesZachkah 45 points 8 hours ago

I don’t know if I’m just too big of a Lebron fan or what, but did he not get fouled on at least 5 drives and post ups throughout that game that the refs just straight up ignored? I mean, Aminu jumped on his back twice, nurkic hit him with the side of his body on a drive... I just don’t get it man





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